The Osprey Difference

At Osprey Construction, we are firm believers in quality. We dedicate every day to building THE best homes on Daufuskie Island. That kind of dedication makes us - and our building process - different. Here are EIGHT reasons why we do things the way we do.

  1. Secluded Exclusive Island. Daufuskie Island is only accessible by way of water.. Everything (people, materials, equipment) comes here by ferry or barge. Which is good for exclusivity, but can add time to our build process. In order to better control the build timeline, we have been expanding our on-island resources. We now have our own concrete plant, equipment for unloading and transporting materials from the barge, grading equipment, storage facility, and a cabinet shop for hands-on millwork.

  2. It’s all about who you know. We have been in the building industry for a long time, and have developed relationships that allow Osprey Construction to get the best supplies at a better cost. This allows us to build homes at a better price while maintaining our quality standards.

  3. Quality in: quality out. Our homes are renowned for their excellence. We are selective about the materials we use, and we don’t settle for second best. If we choose certain products and materials, we do so for good reason. We believe that sourcing top quality materials for our homes – is time, effort and money well spent.

  4. The Southern Living Custom Builder Program. Only the finest custom homebuilders are invited to be a part of this one-of-a-kind program, and Osprey Construction is honored to be a member of this exclusive group. For our homebuyers, it means they can rest assured they are getting one of the best homes in the country.

  5. Online Management Software. Our cutting-edge construction management program allows the homeowner to view the overall project and see photos of their home as its being built. This program, known as BuildTools, is accessible from anywhere. Since most of our buyers don’t live on the island, getting to see the progress of their home is exciting and relaxing at the same time. It also allows others involved in the project to look at particular aspects of the home. BuildTools is constantly improving and it is an investment that we find tremendously beneficial - for our team and our clients.

  6. Practicing what we preach. Our building practices reflect our dedication to environmental responsibility. Our homes are designed to fit seamlessly into their unique locations, while featuring energy-efficient, water-conserving and environmentally-friendly building practices & materials.

  7. People power. We are particular about who we hire. We strive to hire only skilled workmen who do quality work and are dependable.

  8. Peace of mind. Security and privacy are among the key reasons why people live here on Daufuskie Island. We take into consideration the local residents’ desire for a quiet lifestyle, and whenever possible we coordinate construction schedules to minimize noise, mess and disruptions.